Heart-Centered Leadership Coaching for visionary advocates, compassionate public servants, and emerging leaders. 

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I firmly believe that when we are leading from a place of vulnerability, then we have tapped into our deepest strength. And no one knows this better than the helpers. The helpers who dig deep to find the well of support they need to be resilient to vicarious trauma. The helpers who recognize the vulnerabilities in their clients and communities. 

And because we’re empathetic helpers, it’s easy to get drawn into patterns of shame and guilt, lack and dis-ease. The gravity of humanity can sometimes weigh us down, and runs us down and sometimes even runs us out of helping professions altogether.

Avoiding Burnout

This happened to me. I was a highly successful advocate working in disability law. I consistently exceeded expectations for outcomes, but often at a high cost to my own energy and spirit, causing imbalance and allowing trauma to accumulate in toxic ways. I was promoted and given more responsibility, but my heart, so fractured by the weight of what I witnessed every day in my clients, the medical system and the legal system held me back from my true leadership potential. 

Burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma are buzzwords that truly indicate when a system has become so imbalanced that it no longer is meeting the needs of the people within it. With tight budgets and now even tighter access to resources, the pressure can almost feel too much. We desperately need someone to hear us, to understand that the assumptions they make can be harmful to our environment, that people are struggling to even meet their most basic needs. How can we leverage all of that rich experience into meaningful change for ourselves and others? 

We wish for better leadership – we organize to oppose threats to our very lives – we keep trying but nothing changes. We want someone who gets it to finally step up and take charge. 

I have news for you — That someone is you!

  • The case manager running around with your hair on fire. 
  • The parent who feels called to create a better world for your children.
  • The healer who is wading through trauma daily and knows there has to be a better way. 
  • The margin pusher who thinks that being “too much” is exactly what we need. 
  • The visionary who wants to have an even bigger impact.
  • The organizers who are wondering how they’ll inspire people to meaningful victory. 

It is no mistake that I am launching this practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all we have experienced in “staying home together”, we are emerging to see that the old systems, habits and distractions won’t serve who we have become and who we want to be. 

We as a global community have been forced to find creative ways to connect, forge new collaboratives, and innovate in ways we never thought possible.  As we rebuild from this crisis in the months and years to come, we have a grand opportunity to rebuild our lives and systems to be more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate, where our martyrdom is no longer required because more people recognize the truth and integrity of one another. 

Individual Coaching Process

A preview of the three interconnected characteristics of heart-centered leadership I help emerging leaders work through.


Only in truly knowing ourselves, our accomplishments, our dreams, our shadows and failures can we truly recognize our role for the future.  Seeing ourselves in a new light, detaching from the expectations of others – only in seeing ourselves radically reflected back at us, can we wake up the potential of our true light and purpose.   


Once we have found clarity and love for the person we are and the gifts we have to share, we set about the difficult task of reforming and reframing our interactions with others, so we can better connect, collaborate, and co-create a better world together. 

Addressing all forms of human relationship – from our intimate partnerships, business dialogues even our interactions with strangers online, we can become models for a new way of relating that builds trust, integrity and compassion for one another. 


When we transform our relationship with ourselves and with others, we become reflections of resilience in the world. In owning our own vulnerability, we pull away the fearful facades to reveal true authenticity and thus build your relationships with a foundation of integrity.

Combined with the credibility of your experience and confidence, you will be better able to inspire and lead others in the co-creation of a better world

This is truly YOUR adventure and as you progress along your path, we’ll craft a leadership plan tailored to your goals, talents and challenges.

My goal is to help you enact your vision for the future, leading the people who resonate with your message

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