Radical Reflections

Who are you and where are you headed?

Gain insight into the extraordinary light within through a selection of intuitive, soul-centered services.

#RadicalReflections are all about climbing your mountain of self. Are you ready to discover the treasures hidden within?

Heart-Centered Leadership starts with truly knowing ourselves, our boundaries, our histories, our dreams. It means stripping away the expectations and labels others have given us by truly knowing and owning up to our highest selves.

I was born and raised in Colorado and so the imagery of the mountains has always called to me. There is something so fulfilling about the journey of climbing a mountain. While it can be challenging, we discover hidden treasures along the way, gazing at breathtaking views and admiring the bounty of nature. We also have to face facts about how to navigate our own limitations and boundaries, when to stop and rest and how to take care of ourselves. But that view from the top makes it all worth it and puts the world in a new perspective.

Self-reflection can sometimes be daunting, just like climbing a mountain is. But when once we engage with radical compassionate honesty with ourselves, with our own story, we see even more of the amazing gifts we are here to bring as well as the destructive patterns that have held us back from achieving our ambitions.

This is what #RadicalReflections is all about – climbing your own mountain of self to reach a place of new, expansive perspective. Collecting little gold nuggets of hidden wisdom, recovered authenticity along the way that reminds you of the gifts you have to share, overcoming obstacles reminding you how adaptable you are if you work with your nature instead of against it. And once you reach the top, you have a better idea of how you fit in with the rest of the world and what unique gifts you can contribute to humanity.

I work with a variety of modalities to help uncover those hidden talents and sources of strength such as: Oracle & Tarot readings, chakra clearings, Reiki healing, and intuitive guidance. Look below to see which service is right for you!

Services I offer

3 Card reading (15 min) – Heart-offering

(Suggested $15)

Great for folks on a budget! Get a three-card reading on any subject you choose for a heart-offering. Ask your question and I’ll choose 3 cards to give you some quick insight. Give the amount that feels most supportive of your circumstances. Follow instructions on the booking page to send your heart offering.

Eye of the Oracle Reading (30 min)


A snapshot of what the Oracle sees about your life right now. Great for issue-specific inquiries to see the influential past, the present point of vantage, and the options to move forward.

Messages of Divine Love Reading (30 min)

$50 SPECIAL!! Now only $35 (30% off) – Ends 12/31/21

Channeled messages of love from your guides, Mother Earth, your ancestors, Mother Mary, and your future self. Advice for you at this moment in time. I do a live version of this reading for the community every Monday at 12:30 pm on Instagram (@SharpSweetBella)

Crushes, Couples & Besties (60 min)


Best for a two-person dynamic, this reading gives insight into why you’re drawn to a particular person and the highest good you can achieve together. A compassionate gaze through the lens of the universe will help you see the purpose of this connection.

Climb Your Mountain (60 min)


Gain big picture insight into your hidden talents and treasures with this 12 card reading. The most rewarding journey is the adventure of knowing your true self. Use this reading to gain a fresh perspective so your life becomes a better reflection of the real you.

Biweekly Chakra Coaching

$60/mo (3 /6/12 month packages coming soon)

Get access to (2) 30-minute chakra check-ins per month. This is a 10 card reading covering all 7 chakras as well as themes and undercurrents affecting you each month. I’ll track the trends to see bigger picture issues that are in need of deeper healing or resolution. Includes access to ongoing zoom and email supports. Can only be purchased as a subscription.

Year Ahead Reading

Coming December 2021 – $85

This is a “Treat Yo’Self type of reading. Ideals for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. Get a glimpse into the year ahead with astrological themes and strategies for love, career, family, and personal growth.

Peaks & Valleys (90 Min)


This reading incorporates the Climb Your Mountain reading described earlier but takes things a step further with a deeper dive into specific challenges, questions, and patterns. Explore the twists and turns of the peaks & valleys of your journey. More cards, more time = more insight!

It’s Complicated (RelationshipReboot) (90 min)


Relationships are hard! Especially if they defy the traditional norms or expectations of the world around us. Get inclusive insight into your specific dynamic with strategies to help make your chosen family stronger for the future. Ideal for kinky, non-monogamous, queer, or non-binary folks. I can read up to 4 people at a time – additional partners may require additional time.

Radiant Resilience Reading (90 Min)


Shine bright and step up as a leader with this 90-minute reading + healing session. We will first do a short reading to illuminate where you are on your soul path and then use Reiki to move obstacles out of your way. Recommend in person, but can be done remotely. Highly recommended for emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds. Contact me if cost is a barrier.

Coming Soon – In-Person Reiki sessions in Littleton, CO!


I was so blessed to have been able to work with Janet for both a wonderfully insightful reading and a very potent Chakra healing. Janet was right on with her reading and it, in itself was healing to my emotional self and to my soul, on a very deep level. She also did some Reiki Chakra healing and again, she was extremely accurate with what she found that I needed help with and her healing helped me tremendously. Janet helped me with a number of issues, but I feel like I should share that her work helped me to finally (after 2 years of trying) succeed in quitting smoking, almost effortlessly, and with a lot of grace. Janet is a trauma-informed reader and healer and I recommend her services unreservedly.

Donna Thornton

I’ve never felt like I could be a leader, but after my reading, I feel like I can go out and conquer the world!

— KM

It’s been a pleasure working with Janet. She is compassionate and understanding, able to connect the dots in ways I didn’t expect.

— Sandi R.

I’ve had trouble finding readers who didn’t assume my identity. Janet takes the time to understand your dynamic, offering assistance without shame or judgment.


Specializing in serving BIPOC, queer, trans, non-binary, non-monogamous, and “it’s complicated” situations.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com