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I am here to create a more just, sustainable, and loving world through trauma-informed social change.

Movements for change always start with individuals who care. Individuals from all walks of life, from every background imaginable. Individuals who find themselves at a crossroads, who have a passion for service, and who dare to dream of a more loving, just, sustainable, and equitable world. 

Rose Connections is here to support these brave light-bringers, change agents, thought leaders, heart-centered service providers, visionary advocates, and community action collaboratives. Never before has the world needed heart-centered activism and change more! 

When we are leading with vulnerability we know we have tapped into our ultimate strength. 

Janet K. Rose

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Intuitive services and guidance to gain insight into one’s own resources, challenges, and leadership potential to unleash the light within.

Customized, dynamic group training and facilitation to reframe, repair, and reboot personal and professional relationships.

Consulting & Coaching services designed to leverage lived experience and resilience as a model for meaningful social change.

The Real Deal

Why me?

I am an experienced, heart-centered leader with expertise in navigating difficult periods of change with authenticity and collaboration.

I focus my work to build powerful social change through conscious, thoughtful decision-making. My career has been defined by successfully applying a trauma-informed lens to reach people where they are and create sustainable individual & community change.

What makes me different?

I cultivate and nurture genuine human connections that empower us to show up with vulnerability, honesty, and integrity.

Not only am I skilled in trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing, and harm reduction techniques, but I apply those principles to interpersonal, community, and policy interactions to maximize the potential for meaningful connection and change.

Why do I do this?

I believe that when we lead with vulnerability as strength our hard-won resilience is transformed into meaningful social change.

My life has been built around this idea: When someone feels seen and heard they can blossom into their best selves. Through the courage of our vulnerability, in sharing our stories and lived experiences, we create room for all of us to grow and bloom together.

Who Am I?

I am a visionary agent of change, compassionate law-mender, professional do-gooder, and Rocky Mountain mystic. For over 30 years I have worked toward a vision of creating a more compassionate, just, and sustainable world that supports our most vulnerable populations to nurture them into our most valuable leaders. I have been a leader, a helper, a healer, an advocate, a manager, a teacher, and a writer. But my greatest joy is when I can connect exceptional people and big ideas together to better serve humanity. 

What Do I Believe In?

My work is guided by the vision of supporting and strengthening our connections to one another so we can better support not just our most vulnerable populations but our most valuable leaders as well.

Bringing a passion and a vision for a more compassionate world, I share my strategic advocacy and leadership skills with those who are here to make a difference.

Recognizing that many of us are wounded healers, I am sex-positive, LGTBQ+, BIPOC, trans and sex worker inclusive, and lifestyle aware. I build bridges between communities in order to nurture greater collaboration and prosperity for a trauma-informed approach to social change.

The “Official Bio”

Janet K. Rose, JD earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Political Science graduating with honors from Loyola University Chicago. She earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law where she completed coursework specializing in public policy and poverty law. She has served in both the public and private sectors in conflict resolution, coalition building, and public policy roles. As the former Director of Navigation Services for Bayaud Enterprises, Janet has extensive experience serving some of Colorado’s most vulnerable populations with expertise in public benefit acquisition and regulatory policy.

She has been training audiences in trauma-informed care, conflict resolution, and consent best practices since 2013. She has been a panelist and featured speaker for the Colorado Bar Association, the End Homelessness Conference (Alburquerque, NM), Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Loving More, and Thunder in the Mountains. Janet serves on the board of Denver Food Rescue and has been a founding member of three other nonprofits in the area. She is a geek mom who loves sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming. She is currently writing her first fantasy novel, a “queer-tastic fantasy series about the intertwined lives of seven heroes through cosmic layers of time, trauma and purpose.”

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