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Radical Reflections

Who are you and where are you headed?

Gain insight into the extraordinary light within through a selection of intuitive, soul-centered services.

Heart-Centered Leadership starts with truly knowing our authentic selves.

It means stripping away the expectations and labels others have given us by truly knowing and owning up to our highest selves.
#RadicalReflections are all about climbing your mountain of self. Are you ready to discover the treasures hidden within?

What do you mean by Radical Reflections?

I was born and raised in Colorado, against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The raw, natural beauty of those jagged, snow-covered peaks inspired me to always be transparent and true to who I naturally am. And to do that, to truly discover who I was, I had to take on the challenge of radically reflecting on myself so I could hold true to what was genuine and valuable about me.

I likened it to “climbing my own mountain” because self-reflection can sometimes be just as intimidating…and rewarding as hiking a mountain for the first time.

Coloradoans already know that climbing a mountain, especially a fourteener, can be one of the most challenging experiences, but with irreplaceable opportunities to connect with nature. The climb is steep and at times seems impossible but we always discover hidden treasures along the way, insights we never would have had otherwise.

To get there, we will have to navigate our own limitations and boundaries Assess our strengths and resources. And we will need to know when it’s time to stop and rest and how to take care of ourselves if we fall.

This is what #RadicalReflections is all about – climbing your own mountain of self to reach a place of new, expansive perspective. Collecting little gold nuggets of hidden wisdom, recovered authenticity along the way that reminds you of the gifts you have to share, overcoming obstacles reminding you how adaptable you are if you work with your nature instead of against it.

It is a shift in perspective – becoming a whole and authentic person by discovering and owning Who we really are.

How this relates to Heart-Centered Leadership

When we engage with radical compassionate honesty with ourselves, with our own story, we see even more of the amazing gifts we are here to bring. We also have to confront the destructive patterns that have held us back from achieving our ambitions. We strip away the layers of beliefs that others created to uncover our authentic voice. Only then can we truly lead from a place of truth and integrity.

Heart-centered leaders don’t seek conformity to someone else’s standards. They stand tall, confident in their abilities but cognizant of their weaknesses. They know the scope of their own traumas and don’t impose new ones on the world they’re creating.

Heart-centered leaders know what unique gifts they bring, but also when it’s time to empower others to step foward into their best selves.

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How can we work together?

Part of my journey has been to embrace my intuitive abilities. While I can be highly analytical in my approach to problems, I truly believe “all knowledge is worth having” when making decisions that align with my heart-centered goals.

I use various tools of insight and healing, like tarot and reiki, to remove blockages to potential solutions in my life, to illuminate new perspectives I hadn’t considered. This allows me to have better insight into who I am and what I want vs. what others want from me. Helps me remove the blinders from my vision so I can see multiple options and choose the one best aligned with the highest good.

Featured Services

I offer tarot readings and reiki healing sessions to help the helpers find the voice of the heart-centered leader within.

Regular 30 Minute reading


A snapshot of your life right now. Great for issue-specific inquiries this reading is limited to 6 cards to make it the perfect option for a quick energy check-in or tune-up.

Especially useful when we are standing at the crossroads of decisions in our lives.

Examples of good issues for these readings are short-term conflicts, job changes, dream interpretation, and intuitive decision-making pros/cons.

Messages of Divine Love Reading


Channeled messages of love from your guides, Mother Earth, any ancestors you choose to invite, your future self, and Mother Mary.

High-level, “top of the mountain” advice at this moment in time.

This 8-card reading offers a peek into hidden influences and overall ideas that can help us grow into who we really are. I now post a collective version of this reading every Monday to my personal blog,

Regular 60 Minute Reading


Sixty minutes allows us to look at the longer-term trends in your life. What are the patterns, the universal messages woven throughout your story?

Deeper dive into an issue to see where old patterns prevent our authentic selves from shining forth.

Appropriate topics include long-term relationships, career, money, legacy, past lives & surviving intense change.


I was so blessed to have been able to work with Janet for both a wonderfully insightful reading and a very potent Chakra healing. Janet was right on with her reading and it, in itself was healing to my emotional self and to my soul, on a very deep level. She also did some Reiki Chakra healing and again, she was extremely accurate with what she found that I needed help with and her healing helped me tremendously. Janet helped me with a number of issues, but I feel like I should share that her work helped me to finally (after 2 years of trying) succeed in quitting smoking, almost effortlessly, and with a lot of grace. Janet is a trauma-informed reader and healer and I recommend her services unreservedly.

Donna T.

Reiki Services

Chakra healing with Reiki – $125 (in person or Zoom)

I have been a Reiki practitioner since April 2021. I am a certified Level II practitioner under the Usui/Holy Fire II system. I use reiki to help clear the energetic body (chakras) of blockages so that emotional and physical healing can occur.

We’ll start the session with a chakra check-in reading to target our energetic healing to the areas that need it most. We will work on emotional blockages while channeling intuitive messages to help continue the healing long after we’re done.

Limited Space!

Because of the intensity of the channeling needed to do this work, starting in April 2022 I am limiting these sessions to no more than 8 clients a month. Get yourself on the list today!

Other Intuitive Services

3 Card / 15 minute Reading

(Suggested $15)

Heart-offering (donation) to gain insight –

Pay what you can afford.

Get a three-card reading on any subject you choose for a heart offering. Ask your question and I’ll choose 3 cards to give you some quick insight. Give the amount that feels most supportive of your circumstances. Follow the instructions on the booking page to send your heart offering. Reading is delivered via email/direct message within 24 hours of donation.

Radiant Resilience Reading


Heal the burdens of empathy to shine bright again

In this 90-min session, we will first do a short reading to illuminate where you are on your soul path. Then use targeted Reiki to shift energy to make resilience easier to bear. Recommend in-person, but can be done remotely. Highly recommended for emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds. Contact me if cost is a barrier.

The Year Ahead Reading


Perfect as a gift for yourself for a birthday, anniversary, or just because.

Using the whole tarot deck we’ll take a peek into the year ahead to glimpse the possible future.

We’ll identify prominent themes and cycles you can expect in the coming year as well as advice on how you weather the storms and savor the glories of the year.


I’m available for in-person readings on a limited basis at 8500 W. Bowles Ave., Suite 315 in Littleton CO.

I am vaccinated and will mask as appropriate to best care for my clients and community. Zoom readings are always available.

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I am here to help the helpers, especially those who serve BIPOC, queer, disabled, or unhoused communities.

I adapt to each situation and the energy of the person I’m reading. I am particualrly proud to serve those who are in queer, non-monogamous, trans, non-binary and “it’s complicated” relationships.

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I’ve never felt like I could be a leader, but after my reading, I feel like I can go out and conquer the world! (KM)

I’ve had trouble finding readers who didn’t assume my identity. Janet takes the time to understand your dynamic, offering assistance without shame or judgment. (L.F.)

It’s been a pleasure working with Janet. She is compassionate and understanding, able to connect the dots in ways I didn’t expect. — Sandi R.

I was skeptical of tarot and all that, but Janet put me at ease and I realized it was just another lens the view myself. I remembered joy in the process. (P.L.)