Radical Reflections

Who are you and where are you headed?

Gain insight into the extraordinary light within through a selection of intuitive, soul-centered services.

Name of ReadingDescriptionOffering
Radical Reflections Reading
Gain insight into your hidden talents and treasures so your life is a reflection of the real you.
SPECIAL: $50 for 60 min (33% off)
$75 for 60 min
$100 for 90 min
Relationship Reboot ReadingLearn more about your connections of the heart to increase understanding and to feel more fulfilled in your relationships.
SPECIAL: $50 for 60 min (33% off)
$75 for 60 min
$100 for 90 min
Radiant Resilience
Shine bright and step up as a leader. A “big picture” reading about living your soul’s purpose and removing the obstacles in your path. Includes chakra clearing and a short Reiki healing session.$125 for 90 min
Messages of Divine Love
Channeled messages of love from your guides, Mother Earth, your ancestors, and your future self.
SPECIAL $35 for 30 min (30% off)
$50 for 30 min
Eye of the Oracle
6 card reading giving deeper insight into past & present patterns that influence your next steps
SPECIAL $35 for 30 min (30% off)
Suggested heart-offering of $25 for
30 min
Chakra Check-in ReadingCheck-in with your chakras to better direct your healing intentions. Includes long-distance reiki healing $90 for 90 min
Three Card Reading3 cards, any topic. Suggested heart offering ($15+)Heart-offering for 15 min
Types of services available

Book a 30 or 60-minute reading before September 30 and get a 30% discount!

Applies to:

  1. Eye or Oracle – 30 min (30% off ) – $35
  2. Messages of Divine Love – 30 min (30% off) – $35
  3. Radical Reflections reading – 60 min (33% off) – $50
  4. Relationship Reboot reading – 60 min (33% off) – $50

Remote or socially distanced preferred.

All 30 min readings$35
All 60 min readings$50
Book before 9/30/21 to get these rates

I’ve never felt like I could be a leader, but after my reading, I feel like I can go out and conquer the world!

— KM

It’s been a pleasure working with Janet. She is compassionate and understanding, able to connect the dots in ways I didn’t expect.

— Sandi R.

I’ve had trouble finding readers who didn’t assume my identity. Janet takes the time to understand your dynamic offering assistance without shame or judgment.


Specializing in queer, non-binary, non-monogamous, and other “it’s complicated” situations.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com