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Radical Reflections

Who are you and where are you headed?

Gain insight into the extraordinary light within through a selection of intuitive, soul-centered services.

Heart-Centered Leadership starts with truly knowing our authentic selves.

Using the language of the subconscious intuition can inform, guide and even protect us.
When we trust ourselves, others know they can trust our leadership choices.

Featured Services *

30 Minute Reading


A snapshot of your life right now. Great for issue-specific inquiries this reading is limited to 6 cards to make it the perfect option for a quick energy check-in or tune-up.

Especially useful when we are standing at the crossroads of decisions in our lives.

Examples of good issues for these readings are short-term conflicts, job changes, dream interpretation, and intuitive decision-making pros/cons.

Chakra Energy Healing (Reiki)**


In this 90-min session, carries the benefit of both a reading & a healing! Spiritual feedback & clearing at the same time.

Reiki addresses energetic blockages to aid in healing.

We begin the session with a chakra card reading to identify patterns & context. Then we’ll move into a reiki session** for a 45 min targeted chakra clearing.

60 Minute Reading


Sixty minutes allows us to look at the longer-term trends in your life. What are the patterns, the universal messages woven throughout your story?

Deeper dive into an issue to see where old patterns prevent our authentic selves from shining forth.

Appropriate topics include long-term relationships, career, money, legacy, past lives & surviving intense change.

* Please email me if cost, location or hours are a barrier:
** Remember, Reiki is a tool to complement existing modalities of healing – it is not a replacement for medical or mental health treatment. Please let me know in advance of any existing treatment concerns, sensitivities (fragrances, light, etc) or any accommodations you might need.


I was so blessed to have been able to work with Janet for both a wonderfully insightful reading and a very potent Chakra healing. Janet was right on with her reading and it, in itself was healing to my emotional self and to my soul, on a very deep level. She also did some Reiki Chakra healing and again, she was extremely accurate with what she found that I needed help with and her healing helped me tremendously. Janet helped me with a number of issues, but I feel like I should share that her work helped me to finally (after 2 years of trying) succeed in quitting smoking, almost effortlessly, and with a lot of grace. Janet is a trauma-informed reader and healer and I recommend her services unreservedly.

Donna T. – CO

The most loving and gentle reading when I needed it most! I appreciate tying the reading together and explaining how something that could be perceived as a negative is just a lesson or a hiccup, putting it in the context of the larger reading with love is so affirming and empowering.

Kristina – Golden, CO

I received a wonderful yearlong tarot reading from Janet.  She is thoughtful and passionate about the medium and there were several revelatory moments throughout our session. It was incredibly helpful that she was able to incorporate references to my Latinx culture and braid them into my reading. She truly has a gift to honor the whole human in using tarot as a tool for self-awareness and decision making. She is a rare intuitive that can blend her personal insights with the specific self-knowledge that a person brings into a session. I have yet to meet a tarot reader that can provide such gentle guidance in an objective and insightful way.

Mari – Pittsburgh, PA

What does intuition have to do with Heart-Centered Leadership?

Heart-centered leaders don’t seek conformity to someone else’s standards. They stand tall, confident in their abilities but cognizant of their vulnerabilities. They know the scope of their own traumas so they don’t impose new ones on the world they’re creating.

But being so open to the suffering of the world leaves us with wounds, illusions, and fears that inhibit our ability to lead.

Radical, compassionate honesty starts with ourselves, with our own story. Burnout keeps us from seeing the amazing gifts we are here to bring or the destructive patterns that keep us stuck. Only in stripping away the layers of beliefs society gave us can we uncover our authentic voice. Only then can we truly lead from a place of truth and integrity.

Heart-centered leaders know what unique gifts they bring, but also when it’s time to empower others to step forward into their best selves.

Janet K. rose

How can we work together?

While I can be highly analytical in my approach to problems, I truly believe “all knowledge is worth having” when making decisions that align with my heart-centered goals. So I have used tools like tarot, reiki, astrology and meditation to guide my inner compass. These are gifts I want to share with you.

I am certified as a level II Usui/Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and have over 25 years of experience as a tarot/oracle reader. I have worked with people from all walks of life. I read for for attorneys and judges at charity events during law school. I’ve worked with disabled, unhoused neighbors to soothe the impact of systemic trauma. I’ve worked with the helpers, including nurses, social workers, immigration advocates and sex workers, to clear out remnants of clients’ vicarious trauma. I’ve even helped polyamorous families clarify issues during times of transition or conflict.

Most people meet me when they are at a crossroads of life. If you need help trusting your own intuition, listening to your heart or even knowing what it is you really want in life, these intuitive services are the best place to start!

Hours & Location

Sessions available online or in person *

I offer readings every Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Sat from 10 am – 6pm


I currently offer in-person readings on a limited basis at 8500 W. Bowles Ave., Suite 315 in Littleton CO. I am vaccinated and will mask as appropriate to best care for my clients and community and adhere to current local, state and federal guidelines.

Distance readings (via Zoom) are also available.

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I am here to help the helpers, especially those who serve BIPOC, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, unhoused, or sex work communities.

I adapt to each situation and the energy of the person I’m reading. I am particularly proud to serve queer, trans & nonbinary folk who are in non-monogamous or “it’s complicated” relationships.

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What others are saying…

I’ve never felt like I could be a leader, but after my reading, I feel like I can go out and conquer the world!

KM – Denver, CO

I’ve had trouble finding readers who didn’t assume my identity. Janet takes the time to understand your dynamic, offering assistance without shame or judgment.

Laura F. – Boulder, CO

It’s been a pleasure working with Janet. She is compassionate and understanding, able to connect the dots in ways I didn’t expect.

Sandi R. – Chicago, IL

I was skeptical of tarot and all that, but Janet put me at ease and I realized it was just another lens the view myself. I remembered joy in the process.

Paul – CA