Relationship Reboot

How can we relate to each other so everyone feels seen, heard, and valued?

Gain perspective to nutrue more supportive, genuine and peaceful relationships at home and work though customized dynamic training & facilitation services.

Back when I was a kid when my parents were debating what to have for dinner, a little 4-year-old me went into the kitchen with her hands on her hips and said, “you have to learn to cooperate and share!”

Fortunately, my style has improved a lot since then! But my passion for cooperation, coordination, and connection has remained. I channel this into creating inclusive, accessible, and dynamic classes that improve the quality of our relationships with others, personal and professional (and even complete strangers too!).

I provide training in the following focus areas:

  • Consent Best Practices
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Legislative & Policy Advocacy
  • Trasnformative Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Tranformation & and authenticity
  • Building Stronger Relationships
  • Heart-Centered Leadership
  • Nonprofit governance & management


Specializing in applying a trauma-informed care lens my group training sessions prioritize the dynamics of the people in the room: their stories, their experiences, their questions, and concerns.

Whether it be a small group wanting to learn new skills or a larger agency looking to make a change in direction, I focus on creating a safe space where everyone can work together to create a more compassionate world.

I’m most passionate about such as heart-centered leadership, trauma-informed public policy, self-actualized relationships, and spiritual transformation. I integrate the feedback I receive to create an even more inclusive and responsive environment.

By providing a trauma-informed, sex-positive, inclusive, and accessible environment, I am here to hold space for even the most difficult of conversations.


I have been training and speaking to groups for most of my life, since 4th grade when I went to Space Camp for the first time. I have led leadership seminars in high school, college, and law school. After I became a mediator, I started training groups professionally in 2013.

Groups I have taught or facilitated with include: 

  • National Hispanic Institute – Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session and Collegiate World Series
  • Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance – 2014 Panelist
  • Plenary speaker for the 2019 Housing for All conference in Albuquerque, NM
  • Denver Element – 2017 Sexual Health Symposium
  • Beyond the Bedroom
  • Loving More
  • Arapahoe Community College – guest speaker in Sociology & Psychology Departments

Upcoming Events

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Sample Classes

Examples of classes I’ve developed in the past for conferences. You can choose one of these or contact me for a quote on a custom class.

Trauma Informed/ Leadership

  • Integrating Trauma-Informed Care: Success in Community-Based Settings
  • Conflicting Styles, Complimentary Choices: Engaging with your Conflict Style for Greater Success at Home & Work  
  • What’s on Your Policy Agenda? Creating and growing a movement of social change through policy and legislation
  • So…Have you Tried Compassion? Utilizing compassion and honesty to be a better leader
  • Building Your Resilience Toolkit: Avoiding Retraumatization and Vicarious Trauma


  • Surviving your Tower Moment: Reframing the Imagery of “The Tower” to Navigate Change
  • Your Sincere Yes!: A consent refresher for relationship fulfillment
  • Relationship Reboot: Letting go of toxic relationship patterns
  • So…Have you Tried Honesty? Healing relationships throughacceptance & honesty.
  • Paradigm Shift: Change your outlook to change the world
  • Know your No: Setting the Right Boundaries for you.

Affordable Rates

All rates include a free pre-training meeting to discuss needs and customize material to suit your audience and environment.

Group Classes: Affordable rates start at $250 depending on: length of the workshop, materials needed, size of the audience, length, and type of workshop.

Full-Day Classes & Multiple Workshop Series: Package rates available for regular workshop series (examples: diversity & inclusion 4 part skill-building series) starting at $1200. 

Custom Class, Workshop, or Retreat: Have an idea for a class? Want to address a specific topic or challenge your team is facing? I offer customized classes, original curriculum development, and other options to suit your team’s needs.

Schedule a free consultation for a quote.