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Radiant Resilience

How will you use your experience to step up and lead?

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Transform your integrated, lived experience into radiantly resilient heart-centered leadership

Consulting services for visionary advocates, compassionate public servants, and emerging leaders. 

Heart-centered leaders know that when we are leading from a place of vulnerability, we tap into our deepest strengths.

No one knows this better than the helpers. We make a difference for our clients and organizations, not just because we have the knowledge, but because we have such big, passionate hearts. When we recognize the vulnerabilities in our clients and communities, we expose them within ourselves too.

But because we’re empathetic helpers, it’s easy to get drawn into patterns of shame and guilt, lack and dis-ease. The gravity of humanity can sometimes weigh us down, running us down. And because the needs of the people we serve are so great, it is now running us out of helping professions altogether.

My education didn’t train me in how to take care of my big heart to support my heart-centered purpose.

This is why my practice exists: I know too well the cost of a broken public service heart. If this sounds like you or your organization, read on.

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Recovering from Burnout

Before the pandemic, I had been an advocate and navigator specializing in disability law. I consistently exceeded expectations for outcomes, but often at a high cost to my own energy and spirit, causing a dangerous imbalance, which allowed vicarious trauma until it became toxic.

Many of us stick it out because we’re hoping to finally make it higher up so we can make a bigger difference. But by the time we get there, we’re thrown into processes, protocols, and priorities that don’t match what we know the folks on the ground really need and we’re so exhausted that it wears down our resilience the more we try to resist the status quo.

Each time I was promoted and given more responsibility, a reward for my diligence, my heart became more fractured. The higher I went, the more overwhelming it all felt to actually change the systems that were holding not just my clients back, but me too.

Consulting for Systems Change

Burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma are buzzwords that all point to the same conclusion: an imbalanced system is no longer meeting the needs of the people who need it. These are symptoms of a problem that individual self-care cannot fix alone.

And while I firmly believe that one person can make a difference, systems-level change requires a more holistically aware and empathetically informed movement to make a better world.

Do we share the same goals?

My professional background offers a variety of skills you can rely on. I have been a peacemaker, an advocate, a lobbyist, a grant writer, a manager, a compassionate truth-teller, and a professional do-gooder. It would be my joy to bring my skills to others pursuing the same goals:

Rose Connections Consulting Goals

I work best when aligned with these primary goals
  • Reduce trauma inflicted by outdated processes, priorities, and protocols;
  • Build bridges to connect and collaborate with communities through our shared humanity;
  • Transform lived experience into systems-level change.

What could Radiant Resilient consulting look like?*

*examples of past results

For Organizations

  • Revised processes to reduce barriers
  • Programs and services designed to support greater systemic equality
  • Development of supportive policies and practices that reduce burnout
  • Facilitated community listening sessions
  • Legislative changes to better align with the documented, lived experience of clients


* rate negotiable for certain projects such as grant-writing support or board/staff training.

For Individuals

  • Better alignment of your personal belief systems to support your larger vision
  • Productive, trauma-informed communication with partners
  • Create safe(r) communities connected by shared values & ethics
  • Showing up and shining bright as a confident, honest, and heart-centered you


* Sliding scale available for emerging leaders with compelling potential who face significant barriers

Call on me to help you enact your vision without sacrificing your heart.

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