Thank you all for your patience over the past year. I launched this website in a hurry during COVID (I had already been planning on it for months!). My attention got drawn away by helping my family care for vulnerable elders, two of whom we recently lost within the past month. Thank you to all who have reached out to send their condolences recently. I cherish the memories that you have shared and the comfort you’ve offered.

I am only now coming back to the dream I’ve been trying to make a reality: Rose Connections. I’ve been dreaming of owning this business for years, but traumatic stress always seemed to get in the way. And while I’m processing grief, the stress that comes with being a caregiver, no matter how directly involved we are, teaches us the value of boundaries and knowing our own limits. I chose to put Rose Connections on pause while I prioritized family.

I’ll be making a video on grief in the coming weeks, talking a little bit about how I’m working through it. But the feeling of “going back to work” has me dragging my feet, reluctant to move forward. But move forward I must, including assessing the improvement I want to make to this site to make it more useful than just a parade of Janet Rose. Focusing on what I could to make my site the best reflection of me, is a good way to honor the men who passed who supported me in finding that strength in my vulnerability.

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Broken contact form & new fixes

I’ve been avoiding looking at the website for months. So when I logged in today, I noticed a bunch of feedback request forms that have gone unanswered (they show up on one version of the backend site, but not the other). I also noticed I stopped getting copied on those notices sometime in May. Yikes! Those awful, no-good website sign-up forms.

It’s honestly quite embarrassing! If you were trying to reach me for services and collaborations through the website. No wonder my inbox was so empty! If you were waiting on a quote from me, please resubmit your request or contact me directly at Again, my deepest apologies!

I believe I have fixed everything now. But here is a summary of some other changes:

  • Added a sign-up for my email newsletter
  • Added Privacy Notice
  • Refreshed some graphics for the hashtags I use for my Heart-Centered Leadership Model:
    • #RadicalReflections – Climb your own mountain to see yourself from new heights
    • #RelationshipReboot – Transform our connections with one another
    • #RadiantResilience – Leading with vulnerability as the ultimate strength
  • Removed some confusing/contradictory pricing information
  • New “Book me!” link at the bottom of the page.

Coming Soon!

In the next few months, I’ll be linking new blog posts, videos, and products such as:

  1. New Page: Trauma-Informed Social Change 101
  2. New Page: Resources for a Better World
  3. New Page: Guest Blogs & Appearances
  4. Embedded Rose Connections videos
  5. Schedule integration to book directly through this site
  6. Blog posts about the 3 hashtags
  7. Greater integration of newsletter

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s more than enough for right now. I’m so excited to share my full vision with you soon!